Thursday, August 19, 2010

The Top 50 Bloggers on Cloud Computing

Ever since I first published here my tentative list of Top Players in the Cloud Computing Ecosystem - now expanded to a list of 250 and growing daily thanks to community feedback via my Twitter account (@jg21) and a very kind mention by ReadWriteWeb - there have been suggestions that another prism through which to view cloud computing might be that of people rather than companies.

Now Michael Sheehan has encouraged me to Just Do It, so let me get per the previous Top Cloud Players list, this list will a work-in-progress and is totally porous, so don't hesitate to ping or tweet me if there are folks I have missed. In particular if you are a journalist whose "beat" is Cloud Computing, please let's be hearing from you, and we can maybe widen this list from Cloud Bloggers to Cloud Commentators.

For now though let's get started. In alphabetical order - to avoid invidious arguments about "pecking order" - here goes:

Dustin Amrhein | "A View from the Clouds"

Randy Bias | "Cloudscaling"

Rene Buest |

Larry Carvalho | "Robust Cloud"

Sam Charrington | "Cloud Pulse"

Colin Clark |"Cloud Event Processing"

Peter Coffee |

Reuven Cohen | "Elastic Vapor"

Adrian Cole |

Tim Crawford | "Cloud Computing & IT Optimization"

James Downey | "Cloud of Innovation"

William Fellows |

Stephen Foskett | "GestaltIT"

Tim Freeman |

Jay Fry | "Data Center Dialog"

Bernard Golden | "The Open Source"

James Hamilton | "Perspectives"

Christofer Hoff | "Rational Survivability"

Kevin L. Jackson | "Cloud Musings"

Steve Jin |

Sam Johnston |

Ben Kepes | "The Diversity Blog"

Markus Klems | "Cloudy Times"

Dave Linthicum | "Cloud Computing"

William Louth |

Lori MacVittie |

Paul Miller | "Cloud of Data"

Stuart Miniman |

Greg Ness |

Ray Nugent | "Cloudshaping: What's shaping the Cloud"

Geva Perry | "Thinking Out Cloud"

Gregor Petri | "The Cloud Academy"

George Reese |

Guy Rosen |

Ellen Rubin | "Enterprise Cloud Computing Blog"

Scott C. Sanchez | "Cloudnod"

Michael Sheehan |

Krishnan Subramanian | "CloudAve"

John Treadway | "CloudBzz"

James Urquhart | "The Wisdom of Clouds"

William Vambenepe | "IT Management in a Changing IT World"

Werner Vogels | "All Things Distributed"

Phil Wainewright | "Software as Services"

Simon Wardley | "Bits or Pieces"

James Watters |

Alan Williamson |

Alex Williams | "ReadWrite Cloud"

John M. Willis |

EDITORIAL NOTE: As I say, all suggestions for additions are welcome. Based on previous experience, this list will no doubt grow, and probably very fast! Thanks in advance for your suggestion to


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