Thursday, March 25, 2010

Cloudomania Widens Its Worldwide Footprint in 2010

Someone once asked Ernest Hemingway if it was difficult to write. He replied "Not at all, you just sit at the typewriter and bleed!"

Hemingway must be turning these days in his grave, because if Cloud Computing has done anything it has shown once and for all that technology commentators, far from wrestling - as Hemingway did daily - with writer's block, are suffering from just the opposite: too much is being written, and too often, by too many for anyone to be able to make use of it. The world has gotten Cloudomania!

Lest you think I am exaggerating, consider the following: back in 2006 a search on "Cloud Computing" would have yielded, in Google, not a whole lot. Back then the talk of the technology world was Virtualization, not Cloud. But just look what has happened since then:

[Click here for larger version]

As you can see, the rise and rise of Cloud Computing, for all that it stumbled at the end of last year, has in 2010 resumed its giddy trajectory.

The next question, naturally, is: why?

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